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AI In Action

AI is our strong hold and we excell in perception, predcitive analytics, knowledge representation & NLP

Earth Projection


AI Overiew
Futuristic World

Dawn of AI & future of future

Our generation is at the dawn of AI and what we create today becomes a small step for a better future. We are committed to provide better solutions using Artificial Intelligence, fully understanding the potential of AI, and eliminating human interaction. Our prowess in AI includes perception, knowledge representation,  predictive analytics, natural language processing and creative AI.  Our goal is to disrupt the traditions using technology and AI plays an important role in it. 

An Assistant for your Mobility

Xiniaa is an intelligent assistant that revolutionizes your mobility. Xiniaa is designed for all sorts of mobility including automobiles, ships, aircraft and spacecraft. We used machine learning and edge computing to incorporate Xiniaa into an onboard computer to completely eliminating cloud computing. The result was an amazing intelligent assistant that gives real-time predictions to the drivers and thereby eliminating accidents and collateral damages to both the vehicles and the surroundings. 

Image by Hannes Egler
Xinaa Uses
Image by Fikri Rasyid

An asset tracking system

Varastoo is an intelligent asset tracking system aimed at supermarkets and warehouses. Varastoo turns any traditional supermarket into a smart supermarket and the result is,  no more queues and it eliminates the long wait for billing or seeking assistance from a customer care executive. Varasto uses both AI and IoT and it has the potential to take over the supply chain needs of a particular store. Its powerful predictive engine is unmatchable and it learns the customer behaviour of a particular store and gives useful insights to the business thereby saving millions of dollars. 

Applied AI

How AI can help you

WDD applied AI helps businesses to grow exponentially and help them save millions of dollars in operational costs. We enable businesses to run effectively and efficiently by building disruptive solutions using the power of machine learning. Our AI consultants help businesses to understand AI and guide them in creating novel ideas and implement it for the betterment of the future and the business itself. 


Image by Matthew Henry

Using sensors and cameras to detect vision, sound, haptics, etc and using them as humans does to achieve certain goals in applications.


Image by Jaredd Craig

Using machine learning to find the hidden and unseen relationship between data using a graphical representation


Image by Adeolu Eletu

Using machine learning to visualize the information from various structured and unstructured data to predict the outcome and process. 


Image by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki)

Enabling machines to read, convert, extract and inferring information from various document structures and spoken words.

AI & the ever-changing world

AI is changing the face of the earth swiftly. Businesses are heavily dependent on AI to achieve their goals effectively, efficiently and financially. 

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