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Apr 11, 2022
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From the formation process of the SaaS ecosystem, it can be seen that its biggest feature is "decentralization" . That is to say, there is telemarketing list no dominant "boss" in the SaaS ecosystem to lead and control other ecosystem members. The integration and integration of a SaaS is entirely determined by the customer's business purpose. In such an ecosystem, as long as there are new business opportunities, there will be startups to fill them; as long as it is a focus business, there will be deep competition. This is a fast-growing and healthy ecosystem. On the other hand, in the domestic SaaS field, the biggest obstacle to the formation of the SaaS ecosystem is "centralization" . That is, regardless of the size of the company, they want to be self-centered and let others play according to their own rules. This loses the significance of ecological joint services, and the result can only be the formation telemarketing list of multiple incomplete "ecologies". All major enterprise software companies believe that they can play the leading role in building a SaaS ecosystem, because they know best about enterprise business and enterprise informatization. It is undeniable that this is indeed an important ecological foundation; but what cannot be ignored is the strong self-growth ability of SaaS. The so-called self-growth ability refers to the ability of rapid growth and self-evolution from low level to high level . Traditional enterprise software can use years of accumulated experience to achieve hierarchical evolution through limited upgrades. However, SaaS rooted in the Internet, using big data feedback and innovative business methods, can quickly approach an optimized business model through rapid iteration. Therefore, it is not difficult for SaaS companies to catch up and surpass the accumulation height of enterprise software companies in their focus business . SaaS companies like Salesforce, Workday, Shopify, Snowflake, Intuit, Slack, Zoom, etc. are all in their respective business fields, surpassing the old traditional software, proving the strong self-growth ability of SaaS. Because of many constraints, the formation of the domestic SaaS ecosystem will take time; before the ecosystem is formed, it is difficult for SaaS to break out.


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