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sharmin akter
Apr 11, 2022
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Today's Internet is actually a continuation of a social media tradition that started in ancient Rome." Craig Newmark, craigslist founder Craig Newmark once commented. From the papyrus letters used by ancient Roman politicians to exchange information, to the evolution of social media in today's Internet age, the forms of communication special database between people are constantly evolving with the advancement of technology, and new social-themed social media have been born. business form. Today, with the development of the Internet, the evolution of social networking and business continues. According to the Gentianyan App information, recently, Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Meituan, applied for the registration of multiple trademarks, including “Fan Xiaoquan” and “Meituan Fan Xiaoquan”. The international industry mailing list classification involves communication services, social Services, etc., the trademark status is "Trademark Application". At the same time, on January 7, Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd. released a senior product manager recruitment information on, and stated in the job responsibilities: "Responsible for the innovation and construction of socialized products. In the entertainment scene of the leisure and entertainment business. The products and operation systems of young groups in the secret room, script killing, board games, novelty and trendy games, etc., are responsible for the business growth indicators in the direction of socialization." There are various signs that Meituan has never special database stopped exploring the direction of social products. On the one hand, trademarks with the word "circle" are hard not to be reminiscent of keywords such as "friends circle, life circle, interpersonal relationship circle". Meituan's attempts at socializing business have never stopped.
sharmin akter

sharmin akter

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